Director of Enrollment and Marketing

Job Type: Full-Time

Full Job Description:

The Director of Enrollment and Marketing is the lead recruitment, retention, and marketing professional at the school.  The Enrollment and Marketing Director is responsible for recruitment and retention, outreach to the community, and strategic planning and programming to support these activities.  Reporting directly to the Head of School and serving as an integral member of the leadership team, the Director of Enrollment and Marketing is responsible for developing and implementing plans to increase the school’s profile among target audiences and for directing the admissions process.  From outreach to inquiry to enrollment, the Director of Enrollment and Marketing is the face of the institution.  

The essential functions for the Director of Enrollment and Marketing include the following:


  • Work closely with the Head of School administrative team on the development and implementation of the enrollment plan.
  • Establish and strive to reach enrollment goals for admissions and retention.
  • Establish and strive to reach activity goals (contacts, visits, community programs etc.).
  • Provide a data-driven (RenWeb) enrollment management process. 
    • Report regularly to HoS and Board on recruitment/enrollment expectations and progress.
    • Manage enrollment dashboard via RenWeb


  • Develop, implement and manage the new family/student recruitment plan.
  • Aggressively strive to reach and/or exceed all of the recruitment goals for inquiries, campus visits, acceptances, deposits, and new student enrollees.
  • Provide a welcoming customer-centered, campus visit program and follow-up for all inquiries and applicants.
  • Strategize and implement a calendar of events targeted at recruiting new students.
  • Manage and update online application and online enrollment documents as needed. Related – consult with HoS and business office regarding tuition setting.
  • Manage tuition assistance (TA) process.  Act as liaison for new families, TA committee chair, and school admin team (in particular, Business Manager) to help shepherd families through the TA process.
  • Manage the retention of current students for the succeeding year, including continuously monitoring attrition risks and coordinating re-enrollment processes.
  • Coordinate continuous outreach and touchpoints for transfer families during their first year in the school.
  • Increase awareness of the school through feeder schools, synagogues, and other groups.
  • Encourage and facilitate the involvement of parents in the recruitment strategy.
  • Create and work with a team of parent volunteers in the parent ambassador program.
  • Facilitate the involvement of all faculty and staff in the recruitment process.
  • Regular outreach to room parents to partner on retention related activities (for example, Recess in the Summer)
  • Report weekly on the progress toward recruitment goals.


  • Develop, implement, and manage the internal and external marketing strategy at the school.
  • Provide a regular flow of internal marketing communications to the current parents through the use of mailings, the school’s website, social media, email newsletter, and other strategies.
  • Develop and implement an effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy that will create internal and external buzz for the school.
  • Develop and implement effective inbound, social media web-based marketing strategies.
  • Tell stories of HDS students, graduates, faculty, staff, and parents in the marketing effort.
  • Provide a dynamic school website that is marketing-focused to reach prospective families.
  • Generate increased awareness for the school within all of its target constituencies including parents, faculty/staff, grandparents, alumni, and friends.
  • Generate increased awareness for the school within the local community.
    • Through ad placement in various print and online publications
    • Through event advertisements
    • Rosh Hashanah postcard and other holiday communications
    • Working with HoS to ensure community events have HDS presence 
  • Provide event leadership for admissions, retention, and marketing activities including open houses, re-enrollment, etc.


  • Candidates must be fully vaccinated against COVID
  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience
  • We are seeking a full-time, in-person candidate.