Eclipse Trip Recap and Looking Ahead


What an incredible journey we had during our recent eclipse trip! The eclipse itself was nothing short of awe-inspiring, but what truly made it special was the experience we shared as a community.

Working alongside passionate parents and teachers added an extra layer of depth to our trip. Their dedication and enthusiasm were palpable, enriching the experience for everyone involved. Without the encouragement and leadership from Judit Sziente, Susan Gechter, Lisa Bernstein, along with the organizing power of the Hebrew Day School office team, our trip would not have been nearly as successful or impactful. We are so grateful for your hard work on this project!

Hearing our students speak excitedly about the eclipse experience using scientific terms like corona, solar, crescent, and alignment was a testament to their genuine curiosity, deep engagement, and the effectiveness of our educational approach.

Moreover, spending time with community members strengthened the bonds that make our school so special. Collaborating with the CLaSP group at the University of Michigan was not only intellectually stimulating, but also a reminder of the power of partnerships in fostering holistic learning experiences.

For many of us, this trip transcended the realms of science and education: it became a spiritual journey. HaMorah Leah led a beautiful Blessing Card activity to help us all put our sense of awe and gratitude into words. Witnessing the wonders of the universe firsthand often has that effect, reminding us of our place in the cosmos and sparking a sense of awe and reverence.

At Hebrew Day School, we firmly believe that such experiences are not distractions from our mission and vision but rather integral components of them. These immersive learning opportunities align with our commitment to nurturing curious minds, fostering community engagement, and instilling a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around us.

As we reflect on the success of our eclipse trip, we can’t help but wonder: where will our next adventure take us? The possibilities are endless, and we eagerly anticipate embarking on new journeys that will continue to inspire, educate, and unite us as a school community.

Stay tuned for updates on future expeditions and educational initiatives. Together, let’s continue to explore, learn, and grow.

Wishing everyone a restful weekend and a meaningful Shabbat!

Rav Will

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