What do Daniel in the lion’s den, rainbows, and recyclable materials have in common? They were all part of the JudaEco museum exhibit at the Academic Fair. Students combined reused materials and Jewish themes from nature to create midrashim or Torah interpretations sculptures.

The third and fourth graders brainstormed ideas of natural items mentioned in the Bible, such as the Tree of Knowledge, the rainbow, the burning bush, and the great fish that swallowed Jonah. Working with partners, they found and read the biblical verses of their choosing, and discussed the best way to depict the concepts. As HDS works towards a Green School Certification using found objects was a natural choice for this assignment. The students collected recyclable and other reusable materials to construct their projects using these objects.

Students displayed their artwork with information sheets that included the original biblical text, the verses explained in their own words, and a description of the materials that were used. The JudaEco museum integrated Judaic studies and Hebrew with art and teamwork. It provided an opportunity for students to work in collaboration in a creative and open environment. At HDS projects such as this, where students’ interests guide the learning, are integrated into the day-to-day learning.


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