Senators and Members of the House of Representatives are busy sponsoring a new bill in the 3rd/4th grade classroom.  Dubbed “the gum bill,” it would allow students the freedom to chew gum during school hours. Senators Levi, Charles, and Eliana and Representatives Samantha, Ayelet, and Yoel are working on this bipartisan attempt to allow more freedom to the United Class of 3rd and 4th Grade. Once the bill is finalized, it will be discussed in the respective chambers of Congress and go to a vote. A filibuster has been threatened, so swift passage of the bill is in danger. The wildly popular gum bill was made possible through strong support from lobbyists. 

In other news, with the help of Vice President Hannah B, President Lily has issued her first executive order in office defining the guidelines for organization of student materials within their desks. She has also appointed her cabinet, including Attorney General Ilan, Secretary of Defense Evyatar, and Secretary of State Sam. The Supreme Court nomination for Chief Justice Adam was readily confirmed. 

When planning the final social studies unit for the year, general studies teacher Laura Pasek designed this simulation in hopes it would grab the waning attention of students getting antsy for summer to begin. “I am blown away with the amount of motivation, engagement and passion the students are exhibiting,” says Morah Pasek. “It’s almost scary how realistic this simulation has become in the classroom.” For example, when the presidential candidates delivered their campaign speeches, they faced a tough set of questions from their constituents. These questions raised concerns such as whether after school activities would interfere with the candidates ability to perform the duties of the job to inquiries about approaches to use of veto power.

The students are taking their roles very seriously, and learning a lot about the government and politics in the process. “It’s fun learning. I’m learning a lot about the government and how it works by actually doing what they do. I especially liked learning about the Supreme Court and having a guest teacher teach us about it. I can’t wait to prepare our case for the court to hear,” comments one student. Next year, many of these students will become the HDS Student Council and see the direct benefit of the preparation this is giving them. A fourth grade student says, “It”s giving us a taste of what the student council is about and makes us look forward to participating in it next year.” The students recognize this immediate value and while they surely do not yet understand the long term effects of the way a great learning experience stays with you as you grow, we sure do.

Kol Hakavod to Morah Pasek, Morah Eileen and their class of budding public servants.  If this is our future, we are in good hands.

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