Alex- HDS Graduate

  • What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word.

    Community. I think ‘Community’ best describes the school because since it is a small school everyone knows everyone and it is like one big family.

    What do you love about Hebrew Day School of Ann Arbor?

    I really love the teachers and how kind they are.

    Describe what you love about the HDS teachers.

    I think that the teachers are really good at explaining if you don’t understand something, and they really are helpful in helping to solve problems.

    Describe one of your favorite HDS experiences.

    Field day. When we spend the second half of the day doing activities such as tug-o-war and toilet paper mummies.

    What would you tell students who are considering coming to HDS?

    I think you should really come to HDS because it is a big family. You can go to any teacher and talk or solve a problem. I love this school!

    AlexHDS Graduate
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