Best Friends Since Gan

  • Zach Colton and Eli Turner met in kindergarten at HDS in 2001 and immediately became inseparable. It was rare to see one without the other regardless of whether they were doing schoolwork, playing outside during recess or planning their next prank. They even brought together their musical talents at HDS talent shows.

    HDS provided the nurturing environment that encouraged these two to grow into remarkable and inquisitive young men who still share this unbreakable bond.  They went on to attend high school together. But their bond didn’t end there. They now share an apartment and attend the University of Michigan.  Zach is studying Neuroscience and plays for the University Marching Band and Drumline.  Eli is studying physics and hopes to attain an internship at NASA over the summer.  They represent two of many graduates who highlight the positive outcomes from a great Jewish day school education.

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