Kevin Olson, Current Parent

  • What do you love most about Hebrew Day School?

    HDS faculty and staff know my daughter, Nina, very well. They inspire, challenge, support and love her! Most importantly, Nina is enthusiastic about attending HDS. She is learning a ton and is very happy.

    Why did you choose Hebrew Day School for your child(ren)?

    HDS is a perfect fit for Nina. My first grader is nurtured in all the right ways, while also being challenged in her Hebrew and Judaic studies class and General studies class. Because class sizes are not too large, teachers are able to focus a lot of time and energy to know my daughter well and to differentiate instruction. As a result, Nina is challenged appropriately. I never worry that the academic material is too easy or too hard. Rather than being bored, or frustrated, Nina is excited and hungry to learn more.

    In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experience at Hebrew Day School?

    Nina’s confidence grows daily! She is continually more comfortable taking risks and stepping outside of her comfort zone. Clearly, there is a positive culture at HDS that supports and encourages students to try new things.

    What would you tell other parents who are considering enrolling their child at Hebrew Day School?

    Before deciding to send Nina to HDS for kindergarten, we researched many different schools to gather information to help us make a well-informed decision. Which elementary school would meet our high expectations and help our child flourish? HDS stood out amongst the rest, and we are extremely grateful to be a part of this warm school community! It’s a special place, and prospective parents who visit HDS will see exactly what I mean.

    Kevin Olson
    Kevin OlsonCurrent Parent
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