2020-2021 Academic Year Maximum Tuition

Kindergarten/Young Fives – $15,540

Second year of HDS Kindergarten – $8,270

Grades 1-5 – $16,540

Variable Tuition at Hebrew Day School

The Hebrew Day School of Ann Arbor is committed to providing a day school education to all who seek it. In keeping with this commitment, we deploy a variable tuition model, which is to say, we calibrate the level of tuition for each family according to its particular circumstances. Interested families submit an application to an independent third-party organization and have an opportunity to provide further information that helps the Variable Tuition Committee determine the appropriate level of tuition for that family. The HDS Variable Tuition Committee is charged with carrying out our school’s commitment to making day school education accessible. The Committee holds all information in strict confidence. In order for the Committee to make variable tuition decisions fairly and efficiently, applicants must follow the process and timetable listed below.

Parents submit financial information to an online service used by independent schools throughout the country. The Committee then reviews recommendations from this service along with other documents that have been submitted. To preserve the privacy of the applying families, the Committee does not include any current HDS parents and all proceedings are kept confidential.

Variable tuition applications will only be considered when:

  • Your child has been accepted to HDS for the 2018-19 academic year.
  • You have completed both the Tuition Contract form and the Notice of Intent to Apply for Variable Tuition form. (You will access these forms via the online enrollment paperwork upon acceptance.)
  • You have paid the required deposit of $825 (which will be deducted from total tuition).
  • Current families only – you are up-to-date on all payments and school obligations.

NOTE: You must have completed your 2017 tax return BEFORE you begin the variable tuition application process.

Early application is encouraged.

Please contact Ali Reingold, Director of Admissions and Marketing at for additional information.