By Hadar Dohn, Head of School

The HDS Talent Show is a highlight of the school year.  It brings the community together in joy and gratitude of every student who performs. The audience is always kind, courteous, and patient, with a profound appreciation for the courage and excitement that accompany each act.  The fifth graders sell snacks to support their charity as the room buzzes with anticipation.  Alumni return to emcee the event and rejoice in the accomplishments of their younger HDS friends.
As a new surprise for the audience the day school’s teachers and staff dressed in black and tutus sang a rendition of Seasons of Love with special lyrics written for HDS by Sara Goldshlack, which turned into a dance of Whip and Nae Nae.  I want to share the experience of putting the act together as I find it exemplary of the incredibly passionate teaching faculty.
At first, an idea for a staff performance was passed around the lunch room with a “Wouldn’t it be funny…?” attitude.  What started as a joke quickly turned into a serious conversation about an opportunity to give the children a gift.  The thought of coming together to do something specifically for the students spread like wildfire.  Teachers stepped outside their comfort zones whether for singing or dancing.  What was clear was the notion that they wanted to offer something memorable and meaningful to the students.  Rachel Wall choreographed the dance and cut the music just right, and the ideas kept coming.
To me, watching the staff unite in a joint project was very meaningful.  I know and appreciate the level of dedication that the teachers bring to their teaching every day; this was going above and beyond. A school event that brought the community together also brought the staff closer together, which results in a deeper connection with the students.  The teachers brought their whole selves into their performance, their passion, their love, and of course, their talents.
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