Osnat Gafni-Pappas, Current Parent

  • What do you love most about Hebrew Day School?

    I love the sense of community- between the parents, the teachers, the staff- it really feels like we’re all in this together. I also really appreciate how good the communication is between the teachers/staff and the parents. Lastly, I love that the Hebrew Day School provides an environment in which my daughter can grow and thrive and creates a solid foundation for all of her future educational endeavors.

    Why did you choose Hebrew Day School for your child(ren)?

    I was really excited for the Hebrew immersion- acquiring a second language at a young age seemed like a unique and beneficial aspect of the school. I also really liked that right from the beginning all the kids are expected and encouraged to participate in school performances and gatherings, which helps to raise their confidence and ability to speak in front of others.

    In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experience at Hebrew Day School?

    I have already seen my daughter’s confidence improve. She has also learned so much in terms of reading, writing and math. She entered school not knowing any Hebrew or the aleph-bet and she already tries to sound out words in Hebrew and sings songs in Hebrew. She has also benefited from having a great camaraderie of friends- both in her class and children from the other grades. Her excitement to go to school is obvious.

    What would you tell other parents who are considering enrolling their child at Hebrew Day School?

    My family has really enjoyed our experience so far at Hebrew Day School. Consider touring the school and talking to some of the other parents. I am sure you will be impressed by what you see and hear!

    Osnat Gafni-Pappas
    Osnat Gafni-PappasCurrent Parent
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